Topic: PHP / Ruby on Rails - School Researcher needs help :-)

The Spring Semester for 2012 will be my last semester for my IT Master's Degree at RPI. I

am working on a research project, which aims at understanding key reasons for choosing

between a scripting language for web development programming and a framework like ruby on

rails. Analyzing responses from a survey that I have drafted is a key part of my research.

I would deeply appreciate it if you can help me out by responding to the survey. It should

only take a few minutes of your time. Regards,


Survey Link:

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Re: PHP / Ruby on Rails - School Researcher needs help :-)

I am definitely a part of your survey, i am familiar with the Rails system already and I know how important this survey can be for you. I've been in the same situation when I was studying for my human services degree and luckily I found the support I needed to complete my survey.