Topic: Extremely slow (13+ seconds) to load page in development

I have a fresh install of Rails 3.2.2 which is taking 13+ seconds for every call.  All I did was create a new app and a single controller.  I didn't modify any code or assets or anything like that.  I use rails server to start things up and then visit the new controller method I added.  After 15+ seconds I'll finally see the view.

Here is the important details

- Fresh new Macbook Air
- All I've done is use Home brew to update my base ruby to 1.9.3
- Installed rvm and installed rails 1.9.3
- Created a new gemset and installed rails into it which is what I'm using for all of this.
- If I run the server with the -e production flag it works fine
- Log shows the following:

Started GET