Topic: Model Overload?

I'm a hobbyist rails developer, and I'm starting to feel like my app is getting a little bloated. That said, I have nothing to compare to because I don't know anyone else who works on rails apps, so maybe it's just me.

I'm curious: how many models are "typical" in your rails apps?

Mine has 19 right now, and to me that feels like a lot... but is that actually normal, or not even a big deal? Like I said I'm just curious to hear how complex other people's "typical" apps are. I appreciate your comments!

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Re: Model Overload?

19 is not a problem,  my current app has 34 models,  about 1/2 are models that wrap legacy data in a SQLServer database I integrate to,  and the other 1/2 are native MySQL tables.

Now, if you have 19 models, and NO associations between any of those models,  then maybe you've gone astray somewhere,  but there is NOTHING wrong with an app that has 19 models.

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Re: Model Overload?


Thanks for the feedback. The models do indeed have a lot of associations. Most are database objects, a few are simple business logic objects that handle interaction with external APIs etc. Good to know I'm not going overboard, I just have nothing to compare to smile