Topic: Trying to remove item from cart with AJAX

Hello, I'm new to both this forum and to RoR in general. I'm coming from (don't hate!) PHP and Zend Framework and so far I am thrilled with the ease and beauty of the language as well as the framework. It's a welcome change from PHP and even python (which I dove into more than anything, because I was reluctant to jump on the ruby bandwagon when RoR first became popular).Anyway, I'm following a tutorial in Agile Web Development with Rails which guides you through building a shopping cart. In the tutorial, they don't show you how to delete line items from the cart, so I just did it on my own (for practice, just to see if I could). I got that working fine, but when it came to the AJAX portion, it showed me how to add items to the cart via AJAX, but then I tried to use the same method to delete items from the cart and it doesn't work the same. When I click

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WTF? Why did it cut off my post?