Topic: laptop camare problem

i am unable to use my built-in webcam on my laptop. ill try to use anything that involves my webcam and it wont work, like for the toshiba web-cam app, when i open this the light that used t come on wont come on andf the webcam doesnt start. same goes for web-chat sites/programs, they say its in use already.

it wont work after restart, ive tried uninstalling it and restarting my cpu and still nothing. any idea what i should do. do you think microsort support would be able to help me?? if i were to contact them via live chat support?


Re: laptop camare problem

beyonce wrote:

am also use the toshiba pc and this probleR4m has been happened once, then i re-install the driver, you may try it, good luck smile

Also had problem, and re-installing driver help. Try it definitely smile

Re: laptop camare problem

This problem may occur due to driver or Hardware both. Microsoft support can not help you in this problem as this is not an issue regarding your windows. The only thing can happened is may be drivers didn't support your operating system. So try to install compatible drivers according to your window and you can find them on the website of your laptop.For better Computer support you must install compatible drivers.