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I'm a complete noob when It comes to Rails.  I just picked up a book for it and i'm trying to learn it at my job because a good majority of our sites are built in rails and for the most part i'm a php guy.  I'm going through and trying to fix a few small issues but having trouble understanding some of the syntax. 

This is also my first post on here and I'm just wondering if I can post the issues i'm having and the code and have someone help me debug a contact form for me?  Again I didn't build these sites, i'm just trying to learn rails and debug some issues.

Thank you.

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Welcome to Rails and the forum. Just post away in the most appropriate place for your issue.
Just a few tips an pointers that might help you
Firstly you need to understand that Rails i built on Ruby and Ruby is the most awesome of languages. EVERYTHING is a class and thus you have been thrown ito a fully OO environment so it might help if you got yur head round writing classes.
You are also going to have to get your head round the conventions that rails uses as Rails is all about convention.
Points of reference that might help you further that most Rails developers use
and the definitive bibles that most rails developers use … with-rails

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Awesome!!! Thanks for the help!!!  Can I post my rails contact form issue here in general or is there a better section for that?

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Probably better in Programming -> Controllers and Views