Topic: link_to remote call / error when opening in new tab

Hi all,

in my view i want to load a specific partial when i click on a certain link. Everythings works so far:


<%= link_to image_tag('social/24x24/facebook.png'), event_social_content_url( :id =>, :network => 'facebook'),   :remote => true %>
<%= link_to image_tag('social/24x24/google.png'), event_social_content_url( :id =>, :network => 'google'),   :remote => true %>
<div id="socialbookmarks_<%= %>"></div>


class AjaxController < ApplicationController
  def social
    @event = Event.find(params[:id])
    @network = params[:network]
    render :layout => false


$("#socialbookmarks_<%= %>").html("<%= escape_javascript(render @network) %>");

If i click on on of the links the facebook or google partial will render inside the div as expected. But if i open the link inside a new window/tab i get an error message that the template social is not found.

How can i prevent that the link will be opened inside a new window and showing a error message to the user ? I would expect on somehow that nothing will happen if the user opens the link inside a new window ( like linking to # ) and the current page will be shown.

Re: link_to remote call / error when opening in new tab

Not sure if this is the problem, but make sure your paths are not relative. Use exact paths, this might alleviate the "missing" problem.

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Re: link_to remote call / error when opening in new tab

When you open the link in new tab, the params passed to link_to, i.e., 'remote' or 'method' won't be taken into consideration and browser will try to open the href being passed to the link. Thats why you are getting that error.