Topic: acts_as_taggable_on add new tags

So I've got the main form input for adding in the tags when creating a new post via a text field.

When the post is viewed in edit, it shows the current tags that post has as well as a little x next to tag name to remove the tag.

as well on the edit page the text field to add tags is there, but all the tags are listed in the text_field just as I entered them in when creating the post.


What I want to happen is for when viewing the post in edit that the text_field is empty, and to append new tags I just enter in the new tags in the blank text_field.


I though about creating a attr_accessor that would store the new_tag text_field info rather than a direct dump into tag_list. Then if it recognizes that tag_list is empty it will set the new_tag attar_accessor to = tag_list. If it it's not empty it will = tag_list.add(post.new_tag).

But I'm pretty noob at this and just can't figure it out.

Any help would be awesome.