Topic: trouble in insatlling resque

hi all

i need install resque in Ubuntu11.10 ,after installing redis and "cd"  the directory the resque ,there something error about

"insufficient permissions" with the command "rake redis:install dtach:install".

the error warning is :

cp: can not create regular file "/usr/ bin/ dtach: insufficient permissions
rake aborted!
Command failed with status (1): [cp / tmp/redis/dtach-0.8/dtach   /usr/bin ...]

when i type the command in this way:  sudo rake redis:install  dtach:install ,ubuntu can't tell the comanad ?!

who can tell me how to install resque in ubuntu?

many thanks!!

i am a rails rookie

Re: trouble in insatlling resque

To install redis in Ubuntu get it from the apt repository

sudo apt-get install redis-server
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Re: trouble in insatlling resque

Check out your file it will occur when you miss some files in the installation process..