Topic: Is it possible to?


I have hired a developer who has recommended Ruby on Rails to use for
the administration part of our website where vendors can login and
manage their inventory and pricing.  In the original proposal document
that we sent him we requested that vendors be able to make changes to
pricing, inventory and special deals that can affect individual shops,
or all the shops simultaneously that they have registered under their admin
login.  At first he said this was possible but has since advised that
due to the limitations of Ruby on Rails that it is not possible and we
will have to pay him more money for a new system to be developed.
This seems like something that should be able to be quite easily done
with Ruby on Rails from what I have seen of our admin site so far.

Is he telling the truth? If he isn't and it is possible, can someone
please reply with technical terms briefly explaining how to do it, so
I can go back to him with proper information.

Many thanks!

Re: Is it possible to?

He is pulling your leg, RoR is only limited by the programmer's imagination and experience. There are hundreds of complex websites and applications built with RoR.

I can't offer you any code or tech info, because I know nothing about how your application is setup, but I wanted to throw in that little bit of knowledge above. smile

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