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I am looking for a Rails based CMS with features such as: news system, uploading and creating galleries, searching and RSS feed. Something that will make possible to deploy a website in fast and elegant way. Also it would be nice to have a system that is very customizable and writing for it extensions like user account system, newsletter or sitemap will be easy.

I am new to rails but i have decided to give it a try cause my friends say that it is very strong framework.

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Radiant looks like the biggest:

I am using a smaller one named Goldberg:

What I like about Goldberg is it only does users, static content, and access control.  It installs over a base app as a plugin, and mostly stays out of the way and lets you write your own code for galleries, etc.

Radiant does alot more, but I felt it abstracted me from working on the rails code directly.  I already know ruby and erb, etc, why should I learn radiant's markup too?  I would recommend Radiant for someone that doesn't enjoy getting their hands dirty though.

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I have been using refinery for the last 7 sites ive built for my customers

Available on the

There are some nice features for news resources and templating is dead simple.

You can also generate your own features and plugins using the generators supplied

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Here is nice collection of ruby on rails based CMS. Top 15 ruby on rails based CMS  :-)