Topic: Help after creating a App with cPanel

(When I first posted this only the first line showed up, so I am ttrying again.)

I used cPanel on my webhost and created a nice allplication that goes

"Welcome to Ruby on Rails!"

There is link to some "more info" and a couple of script suggestions, such as 'script/configure'.

The Info link results in a 404, and appending 'script/configure' to my Ruby App URL results in a blank screen (as does 'script/about').

It was my understaning that a RoR App will "just work" and let one start right away to develop a wesite.

I guess I mis-understood.

After reading, … rted.html, it looks as though the actual "development" of a Rail application requires a shell connection to the webhost and you run Gem/Rails commands there. I will probably have to write .rb code an upload it to the server as well?

Am I wrong? 'Cause this is just not an easy way to develop an application.

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Re: Help after creating a App with cPanel

Aw, ****** it.

Re: Help after creating a App with cPanel

script/configure is a ruby command that you run fro ans ssh shell. ormally your capistrano deployment script wouldsort all that out automatically for you.

Develop locally then when you are happy with your app check it into source control (git is preferred) then deploy it to your web server using a capistrano deployment script.

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