Topic: WEBrick won't start on clone from Git.

I'm using Windows.

When I do this, WEBrick starts up fine, and I can see the correct page at localhost:3000.

  • rails new myproject  (creates new project)

  • cd C:\Sites\myproject  (go to the project folder)

  • rails s

When I create a project by cloning from git, WEBrick won't start.
I do this:

And get this message:

C:\Sites\mailr>rails s
  rails new APP_PATH [options]

  -r, [--ruby=PATH]              # Path to the Ruby binary of your choice
                                 # Default: C:/RailsInstaller/Ruby1.9.3/bin/ruby
  -b, [--builder=BUILDER]        # Path to a application builder (can be a files
ystem path or URL)
  -m, [--template=TEMPLATE]      # Path to an application template (can be a fil
esystem path or URL)
      [--skip-gemfile]           # Don't create a Gemfile
      [--skip-bundle]            # Don't run bundle install
  -G, [--skip-git]               # Skip Git ignores and keeps
  -O, [--skip-active-record]     # Skip Active Record files
  -S, [--skip-sprockets]         # Skip Sprockets files
  -d, [--database=DATABASE]      # Preconfigure for selected database (options:
                                 # Default: sqlite3

Re: WEBrick won't start on clone from Git.

I still haven't solved this.

Any assistance is appreciated.


Re: WEBrick won't start on clone from Git.

It's probably a 2.x app
instead of

rails s



Make sure you have rails 2 installed
(rvm will help)

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Re: WEBrick won't start on clone from Git.

I agree with James, visiting the indicated GIT url confirms that it is Rails 2.3.2 version application.