Topic: Device linst users [SOLVED]

i am using device to to create users but i want to pull a list of them

i know if i go
rails c
Loading development environment (Rails 3.2.3)
1.9.3p194 :001 > User.all
  User Load (0.5ms)  SELECT "users".* FROM "users"

i get a list of all my users but i not sure where to do this on rails. because i don't know where my User controller is

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Re: Device linst users [SOLVED]

Try: rails g controller Users index

Then try something like this in your routes.rb

devise_for :users do
  get 'users' => 'users#index'

This should create a UsersController with an index action and the get 'users' => 'users#index' should create a route to access it from.

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Re: Device linst users [SOLVED]

That gave me what i needed to start this section