Topic: How easy/hard is it to revert to an earlier version of RoR?

RoR 3.2.1 is described as 'latest stable' version.
I am using 3.2.2 and have been unable to figure out why a function key to my application: mass update using accepts_nested_attributes_for, is broken.
(it's actually the form creation of 'child' edit fields that seems broken)

Since this function is critical to my app, I would like to revert to RoR 3.2.1 to see if it still works in that version.

What is the best way to revert from 3.2.2 to 3.2.1?

Thanks for any help.  --Fred

Re: How easy/hard is it to revert to an earlier version of RoR?

Hmmm! Not something I would feel comfortable advising on! Guess you could just change the rails version in the Gm file and see if your tests fail.
Having said that I have had no issues at all with 3,.2.2 and accepts nested attributes.
You may well find that whatever is 'Broken' is not related to rails version!

Perhaps you could describe your issue, show your form code and post the log file entries to show the params being passed back into the controller. Maybe someone might spot your problem. It's often the case that a fresh pair of eyes can spot the issue pretty quickly as they are not bogged down in the details of the rest of the app.

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