Topic: Sub reports with Crystal reports in Ruby on rails

I am New to ruby on rails, My requirement is to report generation using crystal reports by using rails. For that i am using JAVA API in order to produce the Report PDF’S. For the generation of the report i am sending the Dynamic XML file content as a XML data, a static XSD file and one RPT file in order to produce the report pdf. I have achieved it successfully. But now the issue is Working with the Sub reports in the Crystal report,here the main RPT will associates with Sub report RPT’s.

I can’t able to pass the sub report needed XML and XSD dynamically at the time of request. because i am sending the request once to JAVA API with main rpt,main XML and main XSD,even it encounters the sub report RPT, it can’t able to give the Dynamic data because it’s not connect to DB at that instance, So please help me on this issue how can i generate Sub reports in crystal reports in Ruby on rails.

And also suggest me is there any other alternative mechanism is availble for reporting in ruby on rails.

Re: Sub reports with Crystal reports in Ruby on rails

can you tell me how did you do the crystal report generation using ruby on rails