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I come from a PHP background and have moved to a new company who are using Rails. We want to implement a forum and I seem to have hit a brick wall when it comes to opensource options - what is the most mature forum system out there built in Rails? This forum system seems pretty robust - is it available (to buy a copy of or as opensource)?

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can anyone please help me out by telling me about how to integrate bio metrics i.e., finger print scanner using ruby on rails

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scottybowl, this forum is not built using Rails, it is a punbb php forum.
No point re-inventing the wheel when there is so much out there that hasn't been written yet.

Rails is a superb dev environment and there are plenty of gems out there that will help you build a forum from scratch, but why bother when there are ready built forums that you can pretty much customise yourself to however you want them.

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