Topic: Paperclip stores files with wrong permissions


I have just deployed my very first rails app on my own Ubuntu server. Everything works fine, except for one thing. When I upload an image (implemented using paperclip) this goes fine. However, the uploaded images are not shown on the pages.

I've checked the /public/system/pictures folder and noticed that all files and folders created by paperclip have the wrong file permissions: drwx------ ruby ruby. When I do chmod 755 they are loaded correctly.

The rest of the rails application is also owned by the ruby user and group. I have tried adding the www-data user to the ruby group (which was suggested by another topic on this forum) but this didn't work.

Any ideas?


Re: Paperclip stores files with wrong permissions

I have the same problem using Debian server.

I'm looking for a solution yet. If I can, I will share it.