Topic: Anyone test drive Coda 2?

Anyone test drive Coda 2 from Panic? It is half price today to celebrate it's launch.  Despite being a huge Vim fan (14 years now), I am tempted to pick it up just for the CSS editing. I wish it had Hg support instead of just Git, but that is fine. It says improved Ruby support, but how specific that is to Rails remains to be seen. I played with it for a couple hours before work, but I am not an experienced enough rails or coda guy to form an opinion.  They trial is 5 days which is enough time to form an opinion, but if I am going to buy it, I'ld like to get it half price so that means decision today.


Re: Anyone test drive Coda 2?

Works poorly at a few things, but overall a pretty good editor.

Worse things:
- Preview mode is pointless can't use it with any kind of app server, or even pages that include other pages. i.e. even wordpress template files.
- Git support is built very wrong(can only push before you commit?), still better on command line or Tower
- Terminal isn't bad, but no support for start of line/end of line (Home/End)
- Syntax Highlighting needs work (but this can be said of every editor I have used)

The good things are pretty nice. But you can read them on Panic's blog.

I would say wait a bit, but that being said I bought them and I use them daily it is workable but not as nice as Coda 1.