Topic: Terminal Trouble

I'm very new to Ruby on Rails (I just started learning today). I'm following this tutorial:

I've had to follow it a little differently though because I'm on Windows 7, not NGINX, Linux or Mac. I've installed Ruby, Rails, RubyGem, SQLite and everything's working just fine except for one tiny little pet peeve: Whenever I start the server with rails server, I find I'm no longer able to enter anything into command prompt. Now, I did some research into the matter and found that this isn't an indicator of anything being wrong and that Rails is working perfectly, but I can't stop the server with Ctrl-C to carry on development and I can't develop while the server is running, for that matter.

I did a quick Google search and found someone on Stack Overflow with the same problem, and he was told to press Ctrl-Pause/break instead, and it worked for him. The problem is, my laptop doesn't have a Pause/Break key. I've tried accessing it using the on-screen keyboard, and I've even tried remapping it - but I'm still unable to stop the server or type anything into command prompt while the server is running.

I have to exit cmd.exe, restart it and then change directory to my project every time I need to type in a command and it's becoming a nuisance, because it's distracting me from focusing on the tutorial and I find I'm losing focus. not to mention it's wasting a lot of my time.

Is there any solution to this? I'm sure there are very many problems like this that Windows users have experienced. What have you done to fix it? I'd really appreciate some guidance.

Thanks so much in advance!