Topic: Can somebody explain why updating brings always trouble

I was working on a rails 2 application.

But for some gems it was necessary to update to a newer version of rails.
For some reason i know this gives always problems.

After updating to rails 3.1 and a lot of issues that takes me hours and hours to fix my app was still not running as it means.

After a day of searching for solotions i decided to start a whole new app with lastest rails version 3.2.6
And bring al my code manually too the new app.
This means a lot of work because it's an large app but it's for me also a change too clean up some mess i created over the time.

what's the experiance of other people with updating ruby on rails?

Re: Can somebody explain why updating brings always trouble

After starting with my new app i don't know whats the best way to go further.
It will take a lot of time to copy all of my code too the new app.

In 2006 they promised a framework that would be save a lot of time but now in 2012 i saw many changes in the framework that slurps a lot of time.
The words 'web development that doesn't hurts' is not true when you need to update to the newest version.