Topic: rvm,ruby,rails osx help with root vs not

So I am just getting started with the Rails Tutorial book and I think my fundamental problem is where ruby/rails/rvm is being installed and understanding root vs not root (user?).

I WAS up to the point of running 'rails server' successfully then I decided I wanted my terminal environment to match the screencasts since I am new to heavy terminal use as well. So I ran 'subl ~/.bash_profile' and added 'PS1='${debian_chroot:+($debian_chroot)}[\w]$ ' ' to the file so that the terminal would like so: [~]$ which is how it looks in the video...but now when I navigate to app 'cd rails_projects/first_app/' and run 'rails server' it is telling me rails is not installed.

I decided to backtrack a bit and figure out what versions I had 'ruby -v' turned up 1.8.x when I previously had installed 1.9.3...So I installed RVM following the process for both single user and multiuser support and they both appeared to install but then it kept telling me RVM is not a known command...

My ultimate goal is to try to get back to where I was running 'rails server' successfully, with ruby 1.9.3, and my terminal showing [~]$ ... Hopefully this is not too hard to follow and someone will be able to help me out!?

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