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Chances are, if you have a website or a blog, you'd like to get website traffic. You put information on the Internet because you want people to see it. However, once you got your site or blog up and running, you realized that the hard part was still to come -- getting visitors to your site. Easily get website traffic to your little place on the Web using the right techniques.
1    Publish high-quality content. Before you attempt to get website traffic, you should first make sure that you publish great content that people will want to come back to again and again.

2    Join forums that relate to your topic. If you have a site about guitars, join forums that are full of others who like guitars. Put your website in your signature and get involved. Don't leave spam; instead, become a trusted member of the forum. Answer questions, start conversations and make friends. After you do that, then you can start to link to your website in the forum when it's appropriate.

3    Exchange links with other high-quality websites. Back-links are an important part of getting website traffic. Google rates sites higher if other sites link to them.

4    Use social networking to your advantage. List your website on Facebook, Twitter, and any other social networking sites that you are a member of. Search for other members who have the same interest as you. Get involved in groups that relate to your niche.

5    Use a newsletter to connect with your visitors. Once you have visitors to your site, you've got to offer them ways to stay in touch with you. Send out weekly or monthly ezines. Offer your visitors plenty of opportunities to sign up.

6    Continue to promote your site over time. It takes time and patience to build traffic. That means that you have to constantly engage in promoting your website. Spending one week trying to promote your site and then forgetting about it isn't going to do you a bit of good. Continue to work to get website traffic over a long period of time of  Austrian Shades.

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I use these methods of SEO with a service provider named

Title tag optimization
Meta tag optimization
Proper use of heading tag optimization
Attributes on image optimization

The optimizations are the useful one to create ranking of pages on search engines which will definitely increase the traffic to our site.

Re: How to Get Website Traffic

Follow the guidelines assigned by the search  engines.
Indulge yourself in social media.
Do video promotions.
Raise your visibility by online promotions.

In the seo  you must done  these activity  like
blog creation social  bookmarking , articles  and link building
Smo site :- face book , twitter  you tube

Re: How to Get Website Traffic

These are effective SEO strategy that can really help you get web traffic:
-Blog commenting
-Forum posting
-Social bookmarking
-Press release
-Directory submission

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Improving the keyword position and establishing a good web presence are two most important factors when it comes to getting good incoming traffic to the website. The quality of content that you post also makes a big difference. If people find value in the content posted by you, they will surely come to your website foe getting more information. As your website gets more authoritative, the incoming traffic to your website will also increase. The social media website presence also makes a huge impact to the incoming traffic of your website, create a professional page for your website and showcase all the important information there; this will surely result in better incoming traffic to the website.

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