Topic: Rails server error


When I run the command rails s, its showing me the error

Could not find rake - in any of the sources
Try running 'bundle install'

Please help!!

Thanks in advance..

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Re: Rails server error

oh dear it could not find the specific gem so these error occur install the gem and then try bundle install it will work.

Re: Rails server error

This is the same issue i am having, i am fed up of searching online now

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Re: Rails server error

Give a little background as to what server, are you using RVM, Passenger, etc.  If this is a Passenger error, then the problem lies with confusion between Ruby versions (especially, if not exclusively, with RVM).  Follow the instructions here.  I was having that problem on an Ubuntu server with RVM until I ran passenger-install-apache2-module, which fixed everything.

I just noticed that it didn't accept the link, so here it is:

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