Topic: Unable to create a new rails project


I installed rails on a Mac Lion with railsinstaller 10.7, ruby 1.9.3p194.
I have created an octopress blog with Jekyll on this installation without any problem.
But now if do the following, for instance:

mkdir urlu
cd urlu
rails new

I get this message:

Can't initialize a new Rails application within the directory of another, please change to a non-Rails directory first.

Any idea ?

Re: Unable to create a new rails project

To create a Rails project the syntax is as follows:

rails new [application_name]

So if you want your future RoR application to be named 'urlu', just run in your terminal:

rails new urlu

and you are done.

Re: Unable to create a new rails project


thanks for your quick answer but it unfortunately did not solve my problem, I still get the same error message...
I'll try to restart from a clean install.

Follow up
Sorry everybody : I accidentally created a rails app in my home directory, after having removed everything related to this app I'm back to the normal

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Re: Unable to create a new rails project

I am just learning and following tutorials regarding rails and I have created a ruby on rails app but have done so using my home directory (directory in terminal stating my name?) and I am now concerned I do not how to undo all I have done, is this possible and will having started commands relating to my home directory effect the running of my computer? I would appreciate anyones help, Christian I may have done what you have? I did not create a new window or project, just simply starting creating commands in the initial terminal window. Thanks guys!