Topic: two way facebook like chat to integrate with my app

I want to implement a two way chat functionality to integrate with my application.
This should be at the bottom right corner of my application very similar to facebook chat.
I tried various chat options available for rails but nothing helped.

Juggernaut is a very common answer to this question as I found while I searched. But Juggernaut is now deprecated.
It talks about using SSE's but the information is not available on how to implement chat with it
and how to integrate it with our Ruby On Rails application. Most of the chats I found are built in PHP. No idea or no solution
worked to integrate it with rails application.

Real-Time Push Server - Faye didn't worked either as it works on the basis of websocket. Websocket is not supported with my firefox 10.0 on Ubuntu 11.4.
Morever there is no GUI or plugin available that provides gtalk or facebook like
chat windows at the side.

Facebook Style jQuery Chat works on clicking the links and is not proper.

Please help how to get the two way chat just like facebook to integrate with my rails application.


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