Topic: impressive NetBeans screencasts

Is anyone out there using NetBeans? I had installed RadRails previously and after tinkering with it for a while decided it didn't give me much over TextMate, which seems to be the de facto 'IDE' for Mac Users (I use quotes because it's hardly a full featured Development Environment).

Then today I saw these two screecasts of NetBeans editing Ruby. I've never used NetBeans (not even for Java dev - I used Eclipse instead), but I have to say it looks impressive. Code completion, integrated doc popups and even helpers for regex, date formatting, etc. After using Eclipse for years I really miss those types of things. Are there any other tools that can do that stuff for Ruby?

Any other thoughts?

Re: impressive NetBeans screencasts

That looks really cool. The built in docs and instance renaming thing were the most impressive to me.

While I can't imagine giving up TextMate, NetBeans looks like a great alternative for people who want a full featured IDE. I just don't like the bloat.

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