Topic: Dynamic Table for Beta Retail site


Rails Newbie here. I'm halfway through Hartl's tutorial and trying to put some of that stuff to practice in a project that involves selling limited amounts of a variety of products on a very simple website.

As I conceive of it, I'd want users to be presented with a simple two-column table : Item, and Units Remaining. The units remaining column would be manipulable (ideally a drop-down menu) and updated every time a user "purchased," by selecting how many units of which items they wanted. Then he/she would enter an email address and press submit, at which point an email receipt of the purchase would be sent to me and the purchaser, and the database would be updated with the new availability.

Even this simple site, however, is way over my head, so I was hoping you guys could help guide me through a couple questions:
- How would you suggest setting up this database?
- How do you get the dynamic content from the database to update into the table each time someone submits?
- How might you go about creating the form that auto-emails to patrons and me?
- Anything else I should think about? Any resources that might be good for this sort of thing?

Thanks so much. Really appreciate it.

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