Topic: rdoc viewer?

hi.  so i was working in windows at first, using jEdit and the ruby plugin.  i am now on ubuntu.  one of the few things i liked better about my old setup was having  a command reference, with auto-complete, that searched quick and worked well in a small window (talking about the rdoc feature that comes with the jedit ruby plugin).

in linux i've just been keeping a firefox tab with the rails manual(, but this can be frustratingly slow at times and is dependent on an external resource.  is there some little rdoc viewer out there?

Re: rdoc viewer?

You can type "ri" in the command line to access the docs.

ri Time.strftime

Depending on the text editor, you may be able to turn this into a quick keyboard command which does an rdoc search based on the selected text.

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Re: rdoc viewer?

thanks.  after poking around searches for ri (instead of rdoc, i'm a noob), i'm 99% positive that jEdit uses fxri.

i also found this:

which offers a firefox searchbar for the rails api.