Topic: how do i update and edit a page?! (obvious newb :P)

hello everyone, i'm new to the community. I hope i can get some help here. smile

My friend hired a web developer a few months ago to make him a website, and he used rails to do it. Now he no longer wants to work with him, and wants me to take over. I am an experienced web developer, only i have never used rails as a framework before. I took a few tutorial courses and eventually realized it was a nifty structure for dynamic database implementation. Any-who... the structure of all the directories were the most confusing part, but i eventually realized that the views tie into the layout... so now that i have that basic understanding... i can edit pages and what not. But here's the problem, i edited a page called home.html.erb in the view/pages directory of the web app, but the changes are not appearing on the site... so is there some kind of command i have to run to update the changes i have made to get them to show up on the site? any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you smile

Re: how do i update and edit a page?! (obvious newb :P)

On a production server you must restart the server for changes to have an effect.
Restarting the server is often the job of the deployment script so you normally wouldn;t have to worry about that

More on deployment ....
As an experienced developer you should know that deploying any code to a production server without placing that code into some form of source control (git subversion etc...) is a disaster waiting to happen. Capistrano would have been used to deploy your friends site originally (Or should have been) and the recipes (deploy.rb) will be pointing to a git (most likely to be git)  repository. So you should

1) make sure that git is set up on your dev box.
2) check that the deploy.rb uses the correct remote repo
3) add any changes you make to your code to git
Command line

git add .

4) Commit thise changes
Command line

git commit -am "Some changes"

5) push changes to remopte repository
Command line

git push

6) deploy
Command line

cap deploy
cap deploy:migrate

Grab yourself a copy of AWDWR (Agile Web Development with Rails) … with-rails
It covers everything

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Re: how do i update and edit a page?! (obvious newb :P)

cheers, thank you smile

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