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I am a newbie in Ruby on Rails.I want to log events from my rails application to DB. I am using gem "audited-activerecord", "~> 3.0.0.rc2". This is used for CRUD operations. But I want to use it in controllers while application login, logout & other things. How can I achieve this?
For this gem, It created only table in the database, but there is no model or controller or view. Events are being logged for CRUD operations.

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Re: Event Logging

See some explications on how to use logger in a Rails application at Rails Guides, may it is what you are looking for.

Re: Event Logging

Thanks for the reply.

I don't need loggers. What I am trying to do is :- 
If I do a login/logout from my rails application - The event should save in the database as "user logged out successfully."