Topic: Best way to convert DVD/Video to iPhone5, Android, Samsung, etc.

iPhone 5 is going to be released on Sept. 12th, what is new together with the new iPhone and how about the multimedia functions compared with a different hot cell phone series: Android devices, which include Samsung. Also, we would give a new solution of share your preferred DVD and Video with all of these new phones.

With the iPhone 5 release date announcement scheduled for Sept. 12th, the iPhone 5 will likely be equipped with a revamped design. The current iPhone display is only 3.5 inches, while the iPhone five is expected to be four inches using a front facing camera. The 4-inch screen will likely be now developed by LG Display, and it increases by 30 percent, in comparison with the size in the iPhone 4S screen. The iPhone 5 will still be smaller than the Samsung Galaxy S3, which measures 4.8 inches. In addition, the phone itself will become thinner, sleek, and much more durable design.

Hardware isn't the only piece of new coming together with the iPhone 5. Apple's new iOS 6 software will also be on board the device when and if it arrives in September. Apple reports that the application will provide about 200 new characteristics including a new Map app with 3D and turn by turn navigation and advancements in internet browsing on Safari. IOS 6 will take your Apple products
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