Topic: encoding issue with httparty

With httparty I am making the following call … .78.69.216

which returns

{"geobytes":{ "countryid":226, "country":"Spain", "fips":"SP", "iso2":"ES", "iso3":"ESP", "ison":724, "internet":"ES", "comment":"", "regionid":3935, "region":"Cataluña", "code":"CT", "adm":"SP56", "cityid":3807, "city":"Barcelona", "latitude":41.3830, "longitude":2.1830, "timezone":"+01:00", "dmaid":"", "dma":"", "market":"", "certainty":82, "locationcode":"ESCTBARC", "ipaddress":"" }} 

With the code

response = HTTParty.get(request )
body = response.body
json_body = JSON.parse( response.body )
json_geobytes = json_body["geobytes"]

add json_geobytes is:

{"geobytes"=>{"countryid"=>226, "country"=>"Spain", "fips"=>"SP", "iso2"=>"ES", "iso3"=>"ESP", "ison"=>724, "internet"=>"ES", "comment"=>"", "regionid"=>3935, "region"=>"Catalu\xF1a", "code"=>"CT", "adm"=>"SP56", "cityid"=>3807, "city"=>"Barcelona", "latitude"=>41.383, "longitude"=>2.183, "timezone"=>"+01:00", "dmaid"=>"", "dma"=>"", "market"=>"", "certainty"=>82, "locationcode"=>"ESCTBARC", "ipaddress"=>""}} 

Now my problem is the region has the n tilda accent and looks like:

How do I convert this hex character to the proper utf format?

I am using ruby 1.9.3 with rails 3.28