Topic: Authologic URL parameters for using HTTPERF

I am using Authlogic in my rails application for  user authentication, I am looking for the exact parameters that I need to pass in the URL to log in which I can use with HTTPERF for doing my load testing.
Basically I am looking at passing user name and password in the URL, for that i need to know what are the exact param names that I need to set in the URL.
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Re: Authologic URL parameters for using HTTPERF

First of all you will need to use http basic authentication for programatically authorising users especially if you want to take full advantage of RESTfull routes (i.e. get json or xml responses) because curl or url or api ommands that access your site will not be able to handle the redirects that occur when using non http basic authorisation.

I shoul add a caveat here in that my knowledge is not that extensive when it comes to authlogic (I roll my own authorisation, it's far easier) so there is a slim chance that above may be incorrect.


is the way to pass username and passwords in urls
Note httpS If you don't use httpS then there is no point whatsoever in having any authentication,

This is kindfa covered in this railscast
and here … -rails-3-1
and here … veresource

Hope this goes someway towards answering your question

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