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My host is SUPPOSED to offer the full ror stuff now, but as far as I can tell no changes to my server are present.  But..I dont have the slightlest clue about hosting for this, who's good, who's bad...server setup differences, finding the enviroment right for you...a section on this, or even a nice sticky somewhere (I have searched the board yet...sorry) would be cool.


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Well, there was this thread recently. smile

I think a "hosting" forum is probably in the cards eventually, maybe sooner rather than later since we seem to be growing quite rapidly (and the RoR framework on the whole is growing a very rapid clip--so I don't see any slow down in growth of this forum coming any time soon smile).  But for now, I'd like to avoid having too many forums and diluting the content too much.

Until we do have a dedicated hosting forum, I'd suggest putting hosting-related questions in "Setting Up Rails" (closest topic we have so far -- not ideal, I know, but a stop-gap solution until we think we're ready for a full forum).

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