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First off, I'm new to Rails so please forgive me for any silly questions smile

I'm rebuilding a store website I made a few years ago and I would like to do it in Rails but I'm a bit confused about the database model and don't want to get too far into if without knowing.

The current site was built in PHP/MYSQL and the database design is good enough to keep, although I will make a few changes to make the site multi language this time around.

Most of the answers to database design for rails questions I've found have suggested using migrations and building up as you go but I think its best to have a solid DB to start from and use the migrations as needed for minor changes.

My questions are:

Can I use this kind of relational database model with rails? All of the example sites I've ran through so far have had very basic database relationships.

I'm used to using database views to pull the tables together and keeping as much of the DB work as possible in the DB, is it possible to pull in a view instead of a table in rails?

And also, because I'm going multi language, I'm planning on doing the product translations in the DB and only using YAML files for things like links and headers. I'm going to have one product table with the language neutral fields and one table with the various language specific fields. Does Rails I18n support this way of doing things?

Thanks for any help you can give.

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thanks for  sharing about database design. can you tell me the more about how to connect dbms in .net2008

Re: Database Design

You can certainly use views with Rails.  You can still use straight SQL if you need to.