Topic: STI & Polymorphic association & user_id

Could really do with some help here as I've got myself confused :S

I've posted a new question on SO, which has all my code: Stack Overflow

What I need to do is add a user_id to every asset that gets uploaded from a user, which could be via product or article. I have an asset model which is inherited by images and files. A product has many images as assetable, this polymorphic association works great but how do I add the user_id to the assets table? I'm sure it has something do to with my relations but I've been trying so much that I've ran out of ideas.

Once this is working I'd ideally like to do @user.images which would display all the images that the user has uploaded and even @user.files

Re: STI & Polymorphic association & user_id

This has been solved, thanks for your time.