Topic: Deploying to secure, highly available production environment

So, I have a secure, highly available production environment.  Generally the app servers there are not visible to me from my development machine.

Do people really use Capistrano (or vlad?) to deploy into production environments like this?  Set up a code tree on a machine at the colo for each project and deploy from there?  Who decided that the cap files need to be checked into the code tree, so that you are deploying from a code tree?

Currently we have some home grown scripts, but we are trying to get to a more standard and maintainable setup for the next major version.

Any war stories or advice would be much appreciated.

Re: Deploying to secure, highly available production environment

If you quickly want to get it deployed, then try Heroku, otherwise VPS+Capistrano is best, for long term (and cost effective too if you don't want to spend $100+ a month on a side/experimental project). Before Capistrano, you need to have some basics of GNU/Linux admin skills - try Ubuntu. My recent post about rails deployment might help you.