Topic: Deployment of Ruby On Rails Application at Client side

  I am developing an application for which ROR is best suited. But
when it comes to deployment, I am searching for an advice.
  My application is not the one which is hosted on internet and client
make use of that. Client will have its in-house web-server on which I
will install the application. Client will have full access of that
  Now my problem is not to share the source code of application. As i
see I have to copy my ruby files to the we-server which can be easily
copied and duplicate/hack the application.
  I could not find any way to distribute the ROR application in binary
form where client can not see/duplicate the code. Also I can introduce
licensing system into that.
  Is there any way to achieve this with ROR?

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Re: Deployment of Ruby On Rails Application at Client side

I went through some utilities like Ruby2exe kinda. I guess they can be decompiled to get source code. I have yet to test Exerb.
It seems that there is no way to do the way I want. Now I am exploring Java web development frameworks, which are a bit complicated thatn Ruby. I think I don't have any choice other than to go back to Java. sad