Topic: Using jquery treetable with REE

I am currently using rails 3.0 enterprise edition with ruby 1.8.7

I have implemented a tree table view for an app. The thing about this is that it takes about 10-15 seconds plus browser hanging when trying to load the code.

here is the setup that I have … or-rails-3

I am thinking that the process should take few seconds without browser hang but it hangs and takes more than 10 seconds for 1000-2000 entries

The database is setup like this:

ic table


and the program runs a recursion and generates a relationship and appropriate pseudo objects for each hiearchy level.

I tried another method by having the pseduo objects to be replaced with database entries with parent id but this takes away pagination by number of lowest level and only allows root pagination.

Anyone have any idea on how to overcome the performance barrier?

Thank you