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I've written some very involved databases that I use at home primarily for my own use (for now) in MySQL - I'm fluent in DDL and DDM and consider myself almost expert in writing a query of any complexity from databases, but as I'm getting into rails, I'm using Heroku and they use PostGre

I've done some research online and found some comparisons between the two but they are mostly performance issues.  I'm wondering if anyone can point me to a 'functional' comparison.  What's the difference in SQL language, if any, of PostGre and MySQL or is it purely performance based.

My primary databases are sports statistics related, NBA and MLB so there's a lot of involved table relationships that I don't want to mess up shifting to postgre

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The main difference is configurability. Postgresql is considered to be much more configurable for ROR than MySQL. I didn't really look for a good comparison of the two (since it sounds like you don't need to know if you SHOULD move to PG but more HOW), but I did find you a migration tutorial - … postgresql

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Thank you for that - I'm also hopeful to find if there's any 'language' differences between mysql and postgresql ala the 'top 5' in SQL Server and the 'limit 5' in MySQL

I realize Rails is going to do most of my query writing - but some of them get involved as I continue to build up my statistics (yay for scraping) so I like to test things out on my home versions

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Nothing to it but to do it. smile Dive in, and you'll find out the hard way, like we all did when it was time to port things over.