Topic: Gamified Ruby Class

Hello all,

I'm hoping for feedback from the Ruby community about our Gamified Pop Quizzes.

I was approached by a ruby instructor to come up with a way to increase student engagement
and retention via gamification.

I pop together a points based pop quiz with monetary and prize rewards.

As a student, what if I could get random ruby pop quizzes? I'd get more engaged.

What if there was also a points system? 1st person to respond with the correct answer gets 100 points, 2nd person gets 80 points, 3rd 60 etc. 

You the instructor would be able to see who's lagging and who's excelling. The one's who are excelling would be able to tell who to offer help and there is a competitive incentive to do well.

These kind of pop quizzes could continue for weeks after your rails bridge class.

Take a look at it here

As an instructor you could also host your own real money pop quiz contests.

Each ruby enthusiast pays $5, $10 or how much ever to join the contest. The top pop quiz score wins 75% of the pop, the ruby instructor who posted the contest and pop quiz questions gets 25% of the pot.

What do you think of this as an incentive.