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Hi every body....I am Jayden Tyler...

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Name: Rose Marie
Age: 23 years old
Occupation: Shop kipper
Location: United estate

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Hi All,

I am a Ruby on Rails Recruiter based in the UK.

I am hoping to connect with ROR Professionals looking for new opportunities and that have the right to work in the UK without sponsorship.

I have a few opportunities at the moment and would be interested in talking to anyone who may be interested.

I am looking for Senior Developers to help with designing and developing systems using Agile and using: (A)TDD & BDD.

There will be Pair programming; Continuous deployment and the Modern web frameworks they use are Rails, Django, CodeIignitor as well as other opens source technologies.

These roles will also include Mentoring and growing junior developers whilst assisting in the continued improvement of Agile across the technology & businesses, including the tools and technologies.

Experience with Ruby and related technologies is a major plus, and, If you have experience of Blogging, conference speaking, active participation in the open source community then this is really good.

If roles like this interest you and if you would be curious to find out more, Please contact me at

I hope we can speak in the near future and maybe get to work together soon.

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Name: Joshua Carter
Age: 26 years old
Occupation: Web Developer
Location: New York

How do you use Ruby/Ruby on Rails? I am still exploring here as I am a newbee


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Name: Amit Solanki
Age:20 year old
Occupation: Student/Web Developer
Location: Mumbai
Hello everybody

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i m new in this forum. i have joined today.

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Name: Samantha Jade
Age: 32
Occupation: Bussiness
Location:  US

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Hi my name is lee germon and i am new on this forums smile

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Stephanie, this is a forum specifically related to Ruby On Rails software development..

What you want and what you need are too often not the same thing!
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Hi there fellows, I am a RoR developer aiming to contribute to the community.

Age: 28
Current occupation: Software/Web Development
Current industry: Telcos
Location:  PT, Europe
Main interests: Front-end development, RESTful interfaces, BDD


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Hi, My name is Awan and I come from sunny Indonesia smile

I want to learn rails because I'm curious to see how to create webapp.
I'm a freelancer and mostly doing wordpress site, here is my oDesk profile … 8de2fd5ba/

I love to see new people, and really2 love to learn together so I'm really happy I can meet you guys in this community smile

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hi all,

i am the new user for this site i want to discuss related my professional topic

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Hello everyone

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Hello, just gonna introduce myself quick.

Name: Luca
Age: 21 years old
Occupation: Marketing Guy for a polish software company
Location: London, England
What brought you to Rails Forum? Looking for clients
How do you use Ruby/Ruby on Rails? I don't personally, just know some bits, everything is done by the team in Cracow, Poland

I was also wondering how I can get onto the 'Rails Work' forum under discussion? It takes you to a Synology page and asks for login details hmm

Nice to meet you all smile


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Good Evening,

Are you looking for your next Ruby development role in an exicting environment. Reed Professional Services are currently working with one of our major clients, the BBC to recruit a highly experienced ruby developer. The role will be for a minimum of 3 months and is paying approximately £350 per day.

If you are interested, or know of somebody who may be interested then please email your cv to

Best Wishes,

Michael Fear

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I am MD. Toufique Imam Chowdhury from Bangladesh. New to rails as well as programming. I am from non programming background. (English literature student)

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Hi all,

Here are the vitals:

Name: Michael Vezzani
Age: 28 years old
Occupation: Househusband and student
Location: Boston
What brought you to Rails Forum? I hope to find a place to both learn and commiserate.
How do you use Ruby/Ruby on Rails? I'm currently learning how to use these. Right now the daily failures outweigh the daily successes.