Topic: Nginx hosting multiple Rails 3 apps on one server?

I'm having issues getting Nginx to properly host three Rails 3 apps on an internal server using url suffixes.  The server is internal, with no www prefix. It's accessed via it's computer name, like http://servername.

The Rails 3 apps should be accessed this way:

http://servername -> Rails1 app
http://servername/abc/ -> Rails2 app
http://servername/xyz/ -> Rails3 app

The Rails1 app does not use the asset pipeline, however the other Rails2 & Rails3 apps use the asset pipeline.

I kind of have it working (incorrectly) with only the Rails1 & Rails2 apps.  The Rails2 app uses a scope in routes.rb to enforce the /abc/ url suffix:

scope '/abc' do

But I had to move the assets folder from the Rails2 app to the Rails1 app to get it to server the static assets.

Any idea on how to get this working properly? 

p.s.  Also using Thin and running on Windows Server 2008 x64 unfortunately.

Reference: … -via-nginx