Topic: PHP vs. RoR: Help a newbie developer out

I've been a hobbyist PHP web developer for about 2 years.  I don't consider myself an expert at all but I know the basics of PHP and PHP OOP and can get things done.  The same goes for Javascript and jQuery; I know enough to get by.  Here's my dilemma:

I've designed and built a web application called eBizcontrol.  It's a web app for small/medium sellers that sell products on Amazon for phase 1 and will support other online markets in phase 2.  I started it years ago, generated a few hundred people that said they'd use it then just got tired of it so I quit.  I just sent out an email to the people that signed up for news on it and it's still in need from the responses I got.

The problem is I've been dabbling with Rails for a few months now and I'm really seeing some potential with Ruby (especially ActiveRecord) and Rails as the framework.  After seeing the kludge that is my PHP code I'd love to rewrite the whole damn thing in Rails but I'm not for sure if that's in my best interest.  The app talks to the Amazon MWS API and syncs users' orders on certain intervals, places that data into the database and is then rendered with HighCharts to create various reports and a central dashboard.  I've created a PHP web service that the reports use to pull data as well.  It will eventually (not coded yet) give the user the ability to input their expenses and inventory and generate reports with that data as well.  At this point, the core fronted is done, syncing is taking place as well as the user registration system.  I estimate it's 60% done in terms of pure functionality.

I know this is a biased forum but do you think I should delay it's launch and rewrite it completely in Rails or suck it up, finish it in PHP to get it shipped then possibly do a major rewrite later on?

Re: PHP vs. RoR: Help a newbie developer out

I have been where you are.  It all comes down to how much time you and do you want to spend it re-writing the application in Rails.  If Ruby and Rails are clicking for you and you have the time I would say go for it.

Re: PHP vs. RoR: Help a newbie developer out

Thanks! I have decided to rewrite it.  I think it will be a good experience with Rails.