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I stepped into something when I took this job, the previous programmer set up a PHP on Rails framework. Currently I'm having issues figuring out how he has an a href tag that has a link to a non-existant page?? I see when he builds the link he is calling a collection and building it from there. I can save the collection but when I click the "remove" link, I get a 500 error page not found, this website is a clone of another website, we are thinking its some kind of permissions issue but I don't even know where the informatioin for the user profiles is getting stored? How do I find the user collection? is it stored in a Session? if so, where is that being stored?

information in the "view"
some code:
36             <table id="profile-communities">
37                 <tbody id="communities-list">
38                     <?php $this->render('_community', array('collection' => array('communities' => $company->communities))); ?>
39                 </tbody>

and in another file:

  2     <td class="first"><?php echo $community->display(); ?></td>
  3     <td><a href="/company/communities/<?php echo $community->id(); ?>" class="delete">Remove</a></td>

controller code:
30     public function delete()
31     {
32         $community = Community::find($_GET['id']);
33         $this->user->company->communities->remove($community);
34         $this->redirect(':back');
35     }

the "Remove" link sends out a 500 no page found error.

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