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i may have been staring at this screen for too long...but here's one of my many problems.
my app has a main menu rendered thru a partial (leftsidebar) thats good for all pages - now the store page has additional menu items. so i created leftsidebar2, as another partial render to be in addition to the main menu. (hopefully the best way to do this) now the store rhtml page has the following:

<%= render :partial => 'layouts/leftSideBar' %>

<%= render :partial => 'layouts/leftSideBar2' %>

(...using div attributes from leftsidebar)

the menus work and look good except- the main content of the page now lowered itself to the top of the new menu created. so there is half a screen blank.

All pages (except store):
LSB   start of content


the store page:

LSB2  start of content


any ideas?

Re: partial render perplexment

This sounds more like an HTML/CSS problem than a rails problem.

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Re: partial render perplexment

I thought it was the css at first... but the code is only 3 lines for the lsb. is there possibly a way of adding a partial to another?

menu item 1
menu item 2
new menu item 1
new menu item 2

Re: partial render perplexment

renders fine in ie but has these issues in firefox.