Topic: My first rails microblogging website

I've been trying to learn ruby and rails (my first attempt to learn programming) for several months. Now I have decided to build a website using whatever I learned. So I built this website using whatever I learned. This a microblogging site. But slight different than twitter. You can post any microblog (tweet) here without registration. And view them, rate them, comment them if it is allowed. The idea is
Sometimes we want to share our thoughts without letting people know our your identity. Or sometimes it does not matter who we are. What matters is our thoughts. And letting people know our thoughts. Here you can share your thoughts in 160 letters without any registration. Thousands of people will see your post (microblog). People can rate or share your post. It works complete anonymously. Nobody will know who has posted or rated on anofeed. So enjoy and start writting your thoughts!

This is my first website and I am not very good at web designing. So i know site's design sucks. And you the rails experts are welcome to visit my site , suggest me new feature or point any security flaws.  So please visit and post. thanks