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I was working on this rails tutorial: "http://guides.rubyon...ng_started.html" and than I got to the part that you are supposed to show the title and data for an individual post (5.7) and got an error when it was supposed to show the data, so I put @post.inspect into /app/views/posts/show.html.erb and I got nil, and same with the index page where it lists all of the posts, but I checked and the data is in the database correctly.(in case this helps, on part 4.3 where you're supposed to uncomment # root to: "welcome#index", the file said #root "welcome#index" instead, even though I'm using rails 4.0 and ruby 2.0) Here's my controller file:

class PostsController < ApplicationController
def new

def create
@post =, :text))
redirect_to @post

def post_params
params.require(:post).permit(:title, :text)

def show
@post = Post.find(params[:id])
def index
@posts = Post.all

here's the error:

NoMethodError in Posts#show
Showing /home/hiram/rails/meme/app/views/posts/show.html.erb where line #3 raised:

undefined method `title' for nil:NilClass
Extracted source (around line #3):
1 <p>
2 <strong>Title:</strong>
3 <%= @post.title %>
4 </p>
6 <p>

Rails.root: /home/hiram/rails/meme

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