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I'm looking for a decent book on learning Ruby, and would like to ask for suggestions. My thinking is that if I learn Ruby while learning Rails, it will help give me a deeper understanding of the how and why of RoR.

As for myself, I know the basics of programming and the terminology. My preferred learning style is to work through a book chapter by chapter, then doing exercises at the end of each chapter to reinforce what I have learned. I like to go to other books as references so that I can dig deeper if I want to. (I already have the Pickaxe book.)

Your suggestions would be deeply appreciated.

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PS: As for myself, I have worked with dotcom startups mostly on the product management and management side. RoR is the most exciting framework I have yet seen. Before I always felt that there was a gap between the technical and non-technical people when it came to development. Neither side was entirely satisfied with the results. I see RoR as a useful tool for bridging this gap. My goal is to make changes to a web app as soon as I think of them; before that was never possible.

I enjoy this forum; it's very helpful for a newbie like me.

Re: Suggestions for book on learning Ruby

The best book for what you're looking for is "Ruby for Rails".  It's written by Dr. David Black and, while it's not overflowing with examples, meets what you describe pretty well.

Re: Suggestions for book on learning Ruby

Thanks, I bought the PDF last night and have read through four chapters.

I think that it's just what I need. On the first pass, I'm getting an understanding of the underlying design philosophy. Next time around, I will do the exercises so that I can retain information from the lessons.

Thank you!